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Confirmation pages

Use this pattern to let users know they’ve completed a transaction.

Note: In some cases the height of the content is smaller than the height of the viewport especially in desktop screens. As a result, the footer of the page will stick to the middle of the screen which is not ideal for the user experience. To fix that, you can use the .govgr-layout-wrapper__full-height CSS utility class combined with .govgr-layout-wrapper.

When to use this pattern

You should use a confirmation page at the end of a transaction.

How it works

Confirmation page reassure users that they have completed a transaction and and it provides information about the this transaction. Your confirmation page must include:

  1. The confirmation of the transaction
  2. The qrcode of the confirmation page
  3. Other confirmation information
  4. A way for users to save a record of the transaction, for example, as a PDF